Welcome to Arizona People's Assembly.

We have "Communication Protocols" We use them in our Assembly meetings and they function well.  The same rules apply in our chat threads

Be Mindful - Prior to all communication, check in with yourself to center yourself; let go of any distraction of your day and remember your connection to Source/Humanity.

Allow - the President/Moderator to run all conversations. Raise Your

Hand - Communication Tool - Whether a zoom meeting or live meeting, raise your hand if you would like to speak to the President/Moderator.

May I - Communication Tool - When beginning to speak use the phrase “May I. …”

Yield - Communication Tool - State “Yield” when you are finished with your statement or answer to give direction back to President/Moderator

Respect - Respect others opinions, ideas and time. When someone is speaking, don’t interrupt and when you are speaking do your best to communicate your idea in a timely manner.

Assume Positive Intent - We are all here connected to each other with an intent to support our fellow humans.

Agree to Disagree - Honor others opinion knowing there are many different ways to accomplish a task and know we are all in this for the betterment of humanity.

Step Up / Step Back - when a person is speaking, allow that person to get their point across without interruption. Clarifying questions can be asked afterwards.
*By joining our Public thread or attending an APA Public Zoom meeting you are agreeing to the above Communication Protocols.  Actions may be taken if you choose to break your agreement to follow these protocols.

Communication in Public Threads - are for Asssembly business and communications.  No Panhandling or personal advertisement allowed.

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If you are an officer you may enter the secure webmail portal at https://www.azpeoplesassembly.org/webmail   We are under construction right now, so be sure to return shortly and view the most current news.

The Arizona People’s Assembly is a group of Arizonans, who stand united in upholding The People’s Natural Rights by facilitating activities for the alignment of our mission, governance, strategy, operations and oversight within Arizona.

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APA Mission Statement:

To uphold Natural law guaranteed by Creator/Source/God in the “Original Constitution” for the united States of America.

To support elected officials in governing according to their oath of office, create a system of checks, balances and processes to form a lawful de jure Grand Jury as necessary.

And to raise the collective consciousness of Arizonans through the support of Source/Natural Law as the ultimate remedy in every situation.

 APA Vision:

Our vision for the Arizona People’s Assembly is to reestablish Natural Law as the Supreme law of the land through models of love; as we get better at this, we desire to raise the consciousness of each other and our fellow earth mates, especially in Arizona. As Sovereign beings on Earth we are ready to live in devotion to our planet and in unconditional love for all, which will only be manifested as we unite for the highest good for all of her inhabitants; humans, ecosystems, plants, animals, and all organic living beings.  We are committed to promoting the core concepts that love, truth, justice, freedom and life will be shared, encouraged and preserved. To this end, we pledge to operate in alignment with Source/Natural Law, with each other and with unconditional love for all of creation.

APA Love Accord

Guidelines for  Natural  Law


Do no harm, cause no loss & do not trespass except in the defense of the innocent

 We will:


  • use LOVE as our moral compass through Natural law to guide the principles of our conduct and interactions with all.


  • use our innate ability to decipher right from wrong, our conscience.


  • be selfless and united in our service to each other and in all we seek to accomplish.


  • hold each other accountable to Natural law with the spirit of LOVE at all.


 Natural law comes from Source/Creator and is based on love. It is discovered through the use of reason and ultimately through choosing good over evil to form the basis of a just society. This universal moral standard is inherent and discoverable by all. It is dynamic, fluid, unmutable and eternal. We are each a fragment contributing to the whole.

  *Any transgression will be investigated with a moderator and may be discussed and decisions voted on in assembly meetings.

If you don't like what you see in the world, "Be" the change you want. Others will follow.

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Notice to all potential assembly members and meeting attendees:

At each APA Meeting, and after roll call, we present the Biven’s Decision in order to clearly identify any members of any law enforcement agencies, LEAs, who may be present. This includes any current and retired employees of all City, County, State, Federal and International law enforcement agencies.

The Biven’s Decision lawfully requires that you identify yourself as such and that you clearly state whether you are attending on behalf of your respective agency/s or whether you are attending on behalf of the people.

Depending on your answer, we will either retain you, or ask you to leave the meeting.

Click Below to see APA List of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA):  

APA List of Law Enforcement Agencies




Early on in the beginning of our Great Country, as the Executive Branches, Judiciary Branches, and Legislative Offices were formed to keep these publicly elected individuals in check we had Assemblies of individuals who loved our country enough to participate in making sure these elected officials keep their oaths of offices.  Throughout time, certain individuals of influence and vast wealth took it upon themselves to infiltrate education in all levels and by use of publication rewrote history to a point that these Assemblies disappeared. 

With no one left to keep this "power of office" in check, those who took office became corrupt.  Elected individuals changed laws to improve health insurance, wages and tax exemptions to their benefit while the public would suffer.  Many became career politicians who could be influenced by the donations given during their office.  Currently, with this pandemic and all it's restrictions and what may be perceived as forced vaccinations the power of office is deeply felt..  We have the right to Assemble, and we are now taking that back. We will hold those elected officials responsible to their oaths of office and that they "be in service" to those they serve and not be self-serving.

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 *By joining our Public thread or attending an APA Public Zoom meeting you are agreeing to the above Communication Protocols.  Actions may be taken if you choose to break your agreement to follow these protocols.

Arizona Founding Documents

Starting from 1893 when AZ was admitted to the Union as a U.S. Territory, to 1912, when AZ was officially adopted as a State of the Union, one can observe political Stages in Arizona’s Process from Territory to Statehood by clicking document links below--including the AZ Constitution of 1910:

Admission of Arizona into the Union (United States Congress, House Committee on the Territories, 1893) - Law Microforms

Constitution for the State of Arizona as Adopted by the Constitutional Convention Friday, October 2nd, 1891, and address to the people of the territory (Arizona Constitutional Convention, 1891) - Law Microforms

Journals of the Constitutional Convention for the state of Arizona (Arizona Constitutional Convention,1891) - Law Microforms

Journals of the Constitutional Convention of Arizona as provided for by the Enabling act of Congress, approved June 20th, 1910 (Arizona Constitutional Convention, 1910) - Law Microforms

Minutes of the Constitutional Convention of the Territory of Arizona, 1910 - multiple formats

Complete Verbatim Report, Arizona Constitutional Convention, 1910 - Law Microforms

The Records of the Arizona Constitutional Convention of 1910 (John S. Goff ed., State Bar of Arizona, 1991)

Seeks to synthesize the various versions of the minutes of the 1910 Arizona constitutional convention.

AZ CONSTITUTION: The Proposed Constitution for the State of Arizona adopted by the Constitutional Convention, held at Phoenix, AZ. from October 10 to December 9, 1910 - Law Microforms

Arizona Statehood: The Statutes at Large Part 2 page 1728 contains the proclamation by President Taft on February 14, 1912 making Arizona the 48th state.

Arizona Suffrage: https://azlibrary.gov/dazl/learners/research-topics/womens-suffrage November 1912, the men of Arizona voted for Women’s right to vote: