Notice to all potential assembly members and meeting attendees:

At each APA Meeting, and after roll call, we present the Biven’s Decision in order to clearly identify any members of any law enforcement agencies, LEAs, who may be present. This includes any current and retired employees of all City, County, State, Federal and International law enforcement agencies.

The Biven’s Decision lawfully requires that you identify yourself as such and that you clearly state whether you are attending on behalf of your respective agency/s or whether you are attending on behalf of the people.

Depending on your answer, we will either retain you, or ask you to leave the meeting.

Click Below to see APA List of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA):  

APA List of Law Enforcement Agencies




Early on in the beginning of our Great Country, as the Executive Branches, Judiciary Branches, and Legislative Offices were formed to keep these publicly elected individuals in check we had Assemblies of individuals who loved our country enough to participate in making sure these elected officials keep their oaths of offices.  Throughout time, certain individuals of influence and vast wealth took it upon themselves to infiltrate education in all levels and by use of publication rewrote history to a point that these Assemblies disappeared. 

With no one left to keep this "power of office" in check, those who took office became corrupt.  Elected individuals changed laws to improve health insurance, wages and tax exemptions to their benefit while the public would suffer.  Many became career politicians who could be influenced by the donations given during their office.  Currently, with this pandemic and all it's restrictions and what may be perceived as forced vaccinations the power of office is deeply felt..  We have the right to Assemble, and we are now taking that back. We will hold those elected officials responsible to their oaths of office and that they "be in service" to those they serve and not be self-serving.

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