Arizona Founding Documents

Starting from 1893 when AZ was admitted to the Union as a U.S. Territory, to 1912, when AZ was officially adopted as a State of the Union, one can observe political Stages in Arizona’s Process from Territory to Statehood by clicking document links below--including the AZ Constitution of 1910:

Admission of Arizona into the Union (United States Congress, House Committee on the Territories, 1893) - Law Microforms

Constitution for the State of Arizona as Adopted by the Constitutional Convention Friday, October 2nd, 1891, and address to the people of the territory (Arizona Constitutional Convention, 1891) - Law Microforms

Journals of the Constitutional Convention for the state of Arizona (Arizona Constitutional Convention,1891) - Law Microforms

Journals of the Constitutional Convention of Arizona as provided for by the Enabling act of Congress, approved June 20th, 1910 (Arizona Constitutional Convention, 1910) - Law Microforms

Minutes of the Constitutional Convention of the Territory of Arizona, 1910 - multiple formats

Complete Verbatim Report, Arizona Constitutional Convention, 1910 - Law Microforms

The Records of the Arizona Constitutional Convention of 1910 (John S. Goff ed., State Bar of Arizona, 1991)

Seeks to synthesize the various versions of the minutes of the 1910 Arizona constitutional convention.

AZ CONSTITUTION: The Proposed Constitution for the State of Arizona adopted by the Constitutional Convention, held at Phoenix, AZ. from October 10 to December 9, 1910 - Law Microforms

Arizona Statehood: The Statutes at Large Part 2 page 1728 contains the proclamation by President Taft on February 14, 1912 making Arizona the 48th state.

Arizona Suffrage: November 1912, the men of Arizona voted for Women’s right to vote: