About Us

image What is the Arizona People's Assembly about? We are about you and I rebuilding the Assemblies across America to assure that elected officials those who receive their paychecks from we the people, hold to their "oath of office." We need to make sure that those who made promises during their campaign keep those promises and serve the very public they swore to protect.

Do You Have What It Takes? Do You Want To See Change? Are You Tired Of Seeing Your Rights Being Trampled Upon? Get Involved!

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Do you want to see change?

It's no secret that our governments are failing us. They are self-serving and no longer serve the needs of the people. We can no longer let things go as they are, we can no longer expect things to go on as they have and expect to see change. The day of trusting the governments we hired to take care of us is gone. Arizona People's Assembly is preparing to protect the residents of the State of Arizona.