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Here are our "Communication Protocols for meetings and chat rooms!

We have "Communication Protocols" We use them in our Assembly meetings and they function well. The same rules apply in our chat threads
Be Mindful - Prior to all communication, check in with yourself to center yourself; let go of any distraction of your day and remember your connection to Source/Humanity.
Allow - the President/Moderator to run all conversations.
Raise Your Hand - Communication Tool - Whether a zoom meeting or live meeting, raise your hand if you would like to speak to the President/Moderator.
*May I - Communication Tool - When beginning to speak use the phrase May I. ATTENTION we have amended this protocol as our group has grown and this protocol has been replaced by a simple Zoom Tool raise your hand.
Yield - Communication Tool - State Yield when you are finished with your statement or answer to give direction back to President/Moderator
Respect - Respect others opinions, ideas and time. When someone is speaking, dont interrupt and when you are speaking do your best to communicate your idea in a timely manner.
Assume Positive Intent - We are all here connected to each other with an intent to support our fellow humans.
Agree to Disagree - Honor others opinion knowing there are many different ways to accomplish a task and know we are all in this for the betterment of humanity.
Step Up / Step Back - when a person is speaking, allow that person to get their point across without interruption. Clarifying questions can be asked afterwards.

*By joining our Public thread or attending an APA Public Zoom meeting you are agreeing to the above Communication Protocols. Actions may be taken if you choose to break your agreement to follow these protocols. Communication in Public Threads - are for Assembly business and communications. No Panhandling or personal advertisement allowed.
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